HONOR Mentoring

After extended tours on the battlefield protecting our freedom, a large percentage of our nation’s real heroes return home to unemployment (currently over 30% unemployment rate among veterans); some even becoming homeless on the streets of the country they have served. While veterans are struggling to reintegrate into civilian life and find work, war zones are raging across this nation in our cities and border towns. Gangs and at-risk youth are living and growing up in environments of violence, destruction, basic-survival and fear. A new condition, E.C.V. (Effects of Community Violence) has been identified in these youth, which is directly similar to P.T.S.D. (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), a common challenge for our veterans.

H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring is a program which works closely with youth support agencies across our country to employ armies of veterans who can give at-risk kids the real heroes missing in their lives.  No one can do a better job of teaching self esteem, respect for others, discipline and strength of body and mind than our real heroes.

H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring gives veterans the opportunity to continue serving our country providing the sense of purpose and usefulness that is often lacking as they return home from war. In this way, the veterans themselves receive valuable service from those they mentor and a strong bond of love and appreciation can form between them, further increasing the effectiveness of the program.

As we employ veterans to win the wars on our own soil, the improvements to our nation and society can be profound. H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring can be funded with the same monies currently spent on the juvenile justice system, redistributing such funding for the betterment of our communities resulting in the reduction of gangs, violence, abuse and suffering.  At the cost of $250 a day to incarcerate a child, the gainful salaries for our veterans to help youth stay in school and become productive citizens will be a bargain to our communities.

H.O.N.O.R Mentoring is currently in development and seeking funding.   If you are a youth support agency or interested in supporting this program, please use our contact page to request more information or an appointment for a presentation.   To receive updates on our progress, join our mailing list!

H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring has received a letter of support from the Texas Alliance of Boys and Girls Clubs.  We’re delighted to share it with you here: