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“Being incarcerated for 26 years, I have never been involved in any of the programs that were offered me, up until now.  I have finally been introduced to a program for veterans, The Triumph Program, which I can say I feel I can open up and release all of the things that have weighed heavy on my mind and heart, all bottled up.” – Lewis, Forgotten Veteran

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The Adopt a Veteran program helps us to bring The Triumph Program to more incarcerated veterans and prepare their prison units to also receive the H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring program, which is an extension of The Triumph Program.  To fully implement the H.O.N.O.R. Program in a prison unit, there needs to be enough Veteran Triumph Program Graduates to provide the servant leadership required and improve the culture for all. The sense of purpose and community which results prepares all residents to be returned to their families and society.

You can adopt a veteran, adopt a full Triumph Group or adopt an entire prison.  You will receive communication from your adopted Heroes if you so choose, just provide your address in the adoption form. All mail sent by the prisoners will go to the HONOR Mentoring P.O. Box and then we will forwarded  it to you, for confidentiality.

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