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“I may never get out of prison, but the guys I help will. Knowing that I can do something through these men to benefit society from behind these prison walls is such a blessing.”

-D. Brooks

Adopt a Veteran Program

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is an acronym for

Helping Our Neighbors Overcome and Rebuild


To see veterans recognized and supported while in prison and then succeed in life upon release as high functioning members of society with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive as they move forward with purpose and meaning.


To cultivate a pluralistic community within prison where veterans can become servant-leaders, mentoring inmates from differing faiths, ethnicities and creeds to pool their knowledge and use their individual skills for the building up of the whole.  This environment will encourage a sense of community, reflect the reality of positive change and serve as a bridge for restoring inmates back to their families and society.

Veterans are losing their freedom because of defending ours.

8% of all incarcerated individuals in the U.S. are veterans, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, while only 1-2% of our citizens serve in the military. Of these incarcerated, more than half are in prison due to mental health issues, such as PTSD or substance abuse problems. 

Support for America’s veterans is crucial.

Hear the messages from two mothers whose hero sons are in prison due to PTSD.

The Triumph Program & H.O.N.O.R. Communities


Support and Personal Development Inside the Penitentiary

The Triumph Program is a trauma-based narrative therapy process assisting incarcerated veterans to put past horrors on paper, work through the anger, survivor’s guilt and fear that PTSD brings, and find purpose and meaning in the experience of war.

After completing 12 weeks of a small Triumph Program Mentoring Group, veterans have their innate desire to serve others (which led them to join the military) reignited as the final sections are focused on setting goals and seeking ways to serve others as a means of healing.   The continuation of the program’s therapeutic benefit is contingent upon ample opportunities for service.

H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring Communities gives incarcerated veterans effective opportunities to continue serving our country by mentoring and supporting their prison unit neighbors resulting in improved relations and a more positive culture for all who live or work in units where The Triumph Program is present. Avenues for giving service provide the sense of purpose and usefulness that is often lacking as veterans return home from war and which becomes more pronounced in the restricted penitentiary environment.


Continued Support Upon Release at a Reentry Facility

A Reentry Facility where formerly incarcerated veterans continue to receive support upon release.

MISSION:  To assist veterans after incarceration with transitional housing, job skills, employment and counseling support to ensure successful reentry and reduced recidivism.

Coat of Many Colors Ministries has access to four acres on the edge of Montgomery City, which is currently able to house 14 men and will include more accommodations as the facility is expanded.

Fort Triumph

A Reentry Facility Sponsored by Coat of Many Colors Ministries

Ground-breaking, life-changing, seed-planting, revolutionary… if you give the program a chance, be brave enough to open up, the healing begins immediately! We are broken in prison and put on this tough exterior, but inside we have feelings and emotions that let us know we aren’t savages, we are humans. The Triumph Program gives us a safe space to allow ourselves to feel again. The Triumph Program is therapy for your heart, your mind, and your soul.


Forgotten Veteran

I have attended many PTSD group sessions and programs offered by the veteran’s hospital. The Triumph Program Mentoring Group is by far the most effective course I have participated in. Melanie Davis’ story and passion for touching veteran’s lives is unique, brilliant and worthy of your attention.


Forgotten Veteran

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