The Triumph Program & H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring

“The Triumph Program Mentoring Groups gives me the chance to tell my story.  I have been a teapot ready to boil and this is an outlet to express those things that have been trapped inside.” – Richard, Forgotten Veteran

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The Triumph Program & H.O.N.O.R. Communities

“This program will make you dig deep within yourself, not just looking at the obvious, the things on the surface, but at the things at the core of why you are who you are. It will make you search and try to find the answers to questions you may not want answers to…which are usually the answers we need the most…. During these 12 weeks, I found myself constantly in deep thought about who I am and why. I haven’t always known that I was broken, let alone to what extent. It was not until we were asked to write a letter to a fallen comrade for one of our assignments that I recognized this. I spent a lot of time trying to figure out to whom I was going to write this letter. In the end, I realized that the fallen person I miss the most is the person I used to be before being broken…. While sitting in these small groups, I have come to realize that I am not the only one who is broken. Other people, no matter how normal they may seem on the outside, are broken on the inside…. Mrs. Davis had us read two books she authored about normal individuals whose lives came crashing down on them, but instead of letting their tragedies take them captive, they found a way to heal and overcome. It is through these stories that I realized what this program is about.” –B. Turk


“The Triumph Program helped me forgive myself. Now I feel a little weight off my shoulders and can forgive my family.” -Anonymous


The Triumph Program

“When it comes to self-reflection, healing, and moving forward the Triumph program was all that and more.” – Anonymous


“The main thing I learned that opened up new doors for me is that it doesn’t matter who you are, there is something painful/dark inside of you that you don’t even know is there until you explore your inner self. There are questions you never answered for yourself. Answers to questions that at first you didn’t have a clue about. In writing out my thoughts in ‘honesty’ to the questions asked in this booklet, I found healing to wounds I didn’t know I had. There were things I didn’t feel the need to share because honestly it was nobody else’s business. I’m sure 99% of the other men felt the same. But one by one as we began to open up through the help of the facilitators, we began to realize that many of us hold the same pain and have been through a lot of the same things. It helped us to build bonds where now we can hold each other accountable and encourage each other to keep pushing because we understand… we all want to heal. -A Garcia 


“Before I attended the program I had a lot built up inside about my situation and having a life sentence. I was anti-social and never really talked about my situation or the feelings I had about it. Now I’m moving forward and applying what helped me to vent, and shake the dark cloud that was over my head. The program allowed me to relax and express myself more, and most of all it has encouraged e to help others in their times of need.” -Crump



“I was able to get some things out that I didn’t realize I had hidden inside. The writing therapy is awesome and it was an enjoyable experience.” – C. Sansom


“I have been in and out of prison my whole life… I never shared anything about my past or my life, because it’s been the “G” way, hold everything in. If you share about your feels, you are weak. But this group opened me up and I was honest. I’m not carrying this yoke any more. My group helped me carry it, and so has God. I’ve been in pain for 40 years. Because of this Triumph Program I am free. I’m free in my heart, mind and soul.” -D Gonzales

H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring

“I signed up for H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring because I had a first-grade education and didn’t know how to read or write. After three months, I have learned how to read, do figurative language and am working on spelling history.” -M. DeLeon


“The Triumph Program helped me greatly with the passing of my wife… It gave me a purpose to move on and I became part of the H.O.N.O.R. Mentoring Program…It gives me great pleasure helping others to receive their GEDs and reach their goals. It gives my life a sense of purpose once again!” -J. Bravo

 “This class is needed and important to the men wanting to improve their educational skills, and it will help them become an asset to their families and society, instead of a liability.” 

–F. Mendoza



“With this program and my mentor, I’m proud to say that I’ve taken a 4.9 math average to a 9.2.” -R. Ballard

“The two days a week I get to come and help these men has quickly become the highlight of my week. Being able to give back and serve my fellow offenders has given me a sense purpose that I would have never thought possible.” –M. Strifler

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“Due to the mentoring I received from my math tutor, I was able to bring my math level back up so that I wouldn’t be lost when I started college classes this Fall.” –M. Robles


“With the help of your mentors, I am average an A+ in my algebra class and my self-esteem has gone through the roof.” –P. Gutierrez


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